Medical Conditions

That Medicinal Cannabis Can Treat


For those that suffer from ADD, ADHD or other concentration related conditions, medical cannabis has proven to promote better focus and concentration and can be used in place of prescription stimulants.

Alzheimer’s Disease

For patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, medicinal cannabis has shown the ability to remove toxic plaque found within the brain and actually block inflammation, protecting neurons in the brain.


For many patients who experience anxiety, addictive medications have been one of the only treatment options for years, however research has shown that medical cannabis has similar components to manufactured pharmaceutical medication without the symptoms and addictive properties.


When it comes to cancer and cancer treatment, there are often many side-effects and symptoms. Medical cannabis has been proven to help with the pain, neuropathy, nausea, vomiting and even anorexia associated with the disease and treatment.

Chronic Nausea

There are many conditions which may cause a patient to experience chronic nausea and/or vomiting, research however has shown that medical cannabis can be a great option for reducing nausea and stopping vomiting.

Chronic Pain

There are a number of illnesses and diseases which result in chronic pain, whether it is from cancer or fibromyalgia. Medical cannabis has been proven to reduce inflammation and pain experienced by patients by binding to CB1 receptors.


Those that suffer from colitis often experience painful, life-altering symptoms which can be debilitating to day-to-day life. Medical cannabis has proven to help with the pain sensation, nausea and overall feeling of unpleasantness often associated with colitis.
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